Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Adelaide Eatery Adventures

I visited Adelaide for the first time over the weekend and took the opportunity to try a couple of local cafes. I was really impressed with the food scene in Glenelg, particularly the coffee and cafes. There were too many cafes and not enough meals in a long weekend to try them all. Here is a snapshot of my cafe adventures in the city of churches.

Zest Cafe Gallery

Skinny Cappuccino
Located just off Jetty Rd in Glenelg, Zest Cafe Gallery is a cute cafe offering a range of all day breakfast and lunch selections. Arriving around 9:30am I was in the market for breakfast, in particular I was in the mood for my usual order of a skinny cappuccino and muesli. On offer in the muesli department was Zest's own house blend with milk ($6.90), with Greek yogurt ($8.90) or with Greek yogurt and berry compote or yogurt and fresh fruit ($9.40). I decided upon the muesli with Greek yogurt and fresh fruit.

Muesli with fresh fruit
My skinny cappuccino arrived quickly and was accompanied by a complimentary spiral pastry biscuit which was a nice touch. I'm not sure what coffee blend Zest used but it was a great cup of coffee. A moment later my muesli arrived. It was an impressive looking platter served as a mixture of oats, dried apricot, figs and nuts topped with the fresh fruit which consisted of segments of mandarin, halved grapes and slices of apple. This bowl was accompanied by a side of Greek yogurt and milk to add to your own liking. I don't usually enjoy milk with my muesli but had to add a small amount to the muesli as there was not quite enough yogurt.

I thoroughly enjoyed my breakfast at Zest Cafe Gallery and would love to return to try other some of there other breakfast and lunch options.

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Grind It

Grind It is a cafe also located just off Jetty Rd in Glenelg. During my time in Adelaide I visited this cafe twice, once for lunch and once for breakfast. On my first visit I ordered a skinny cappuccino and a wrap from the lunch menu. The skinny cappuccino ($3.30) was great and made from Adelaide's own AAA Diamond Coffee. Grind It offers 10 sand which options ($9) available on baguette, rotti or Italian bread in addition to its main lunch items of gourmet burgers '(lamb, veggie), salads (grilled haloumi, nutty Asian slaw, fatoush) and house made soup. I decided upon the hummus, avocado, fresh tomato, cucumber and lettuce on rotti and added chicken for an extra $2.00. The house made rotti wrap was delicious and the chicken had been marinated in a light honey & mustard seed dressing. All the ingredients were very fresh and I would have to rate this as the best lunch wrap I have had. I would order this again in a heartbeat.
Chicken & Hummus Rotti
My second visit to Grind It was two days later and this time I was joined by a friend. We arrived about 12.30pm on a Sunday and the cafe was busy as it was prime time for the weekend brunch/lunch crowd. We were able to steal two of the few remaining seats at the long, high bench in the centre of the cafe and were asked if we would like a coffee straight away. I went with my skinny cappuccino which I had enjoyed a few days earlier and my friend went with a mocha. As we were seated near the kitchen we were able to see the stream of delicious looking breakfast orders coming out to other diners which convinced us both to order from the breakfast menu. My guest decided to have the 'Veggie Breaky' ($15) which featured 2 eggs (any way), roasted tomato, sauteed mushrooms, zucchini fritter and Turkish toast. I on the other hand changed my mind about 3 times but eventually ordered the 'Sam I Am' ($16) which was pesto and fetta scrambled eggs on rye with grilled ham (avocado added), a cute play on the Dr Seuss' green eggs and ham.

Skinny Cappuccino

Both breakfasts were very tasty. A highlight of the Veggie Breaky was the zucchini fritter as it was crisp on the outside, soft on the inside and packed full of flavour. The pesto and fetta scrambled eggs were definitely something I would not usually ordered but I really enjoyed the flavour combination of the pesto with the eggs. However, the grilled ham was a slight let down as it seemed like it was just sliced ham from a packet rather then fresh produce like everything else the cafe offered. I really enjoyed my rye toast, especially when spread with the cafe's house made strawberry jam.

Sam I am with avocado

Veggie Breaky
Grind It is the sort of trendy cafe that you might find in Paddington or James St. They serve really great coffee and food and I would highly recommend visiting it if you ever find yourself in Glenelg!

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